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Porsche Car Covers

From a 1948 356 to the latest model Boxster, Custom Car Covers has a car cover for every Porsche. We are the oldest automotive protective covering company in North America, with a reputation for high quality products and unsurpassed customer service. Shop our wide selection of Porsche car covers today — every product in our inventory is made to order based on the specific dimensions of your vehicle.

Why Our Porsche Covers Offer Superior Protection

For your Porsche, only the best will do. Our products are manufactured for us by CoverCraft and CoverKing, two of the most esteemed names in the industry. We work from an exhaustive database of measurements collected using advanced 3D scaning equipment. Because of this, our Porsche car covers fit better and offer a higher level of year round protection for your car.

Our products offer the following advantages compared to a universal fit or adjustable cover:

Porsche Car Cover Buyer’s Guide

Not all Porsche car covers are made equal. We sell several different models to ensure you get the right cover for your needs.

Theft Protection and Your Porsche

A Porsche car cover can also be an effective deterrent to thieves and vandals. Most thieves won’t take the time to attempt to remove a car cover. Likewise for vandalism, a tight fitting cover also makes your car an unattractive target. For additional protection, we sell a CoverCraft lock and cable set specially designed to work with each of our products.

Get Free Shipping Directly to Your Door

Purchase online with Custom Car Covers, and we’ll ship your order to anywhere within the continental United States for free. We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and eCheck. Our site is equipped with the highest level of online security to ensure your private data is protected when you shop with us.

For more information about our full selection of Porsche car covers, contact our team today.

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